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Being All That Is - In an attempt to come closer to knowing what it would feel like to be all that is, I made sculptures that visually represent what it might feel like to have branches growing out of my body or vines growing around me or butterflies inside me.
Being All That Is
What’s It Feel Like To Be All That Is?  What does it feel like to be a tree or the earth? Maybe if we put on some tree makeup (sawdust) or earth makeup (dirt) we would understand this idea of interconnectedness a little closer.
What’s It Feel Like To Be All That Is?
Home Repair – Mending = to make whole again

Home Repair

Ghost Habitat - Have you noticed less birds in our fragile world? They have been declining in numbers leaving their homes vacant and their flight path quiet. What can we do to hear their songs again?
Ghost Habitat
Touching Nature - Coming closer to visually explaining the feeling of interconnectedness, I created works that are made of nature itself - the human hand representing the connection. Using a technique developed in the 1840’s, I created images made possible by the leaf’s response to too much sun. The chlorophyll in the leaf, which reflects green, recedes, and carotenoid, which reflects yellow, comes forward.  Masking areas from the suns rays produces these prints.
Touching Nature
Inside the Earth/Inside Ourselves - To me this piece has a double meaning. The first is about looking into ourselves to stay true to our inner compass and dig deep to make ourselves a better person. The second is about looking inside ourselves to see how we feel about digging deep into the earth to extract natural resources via open pit mining.
Inside the Earth/Inside Ourselves
So Close - It’s frustrating when our land is in a drought and storms come so close but it doesn’t rain - that tension of “almost” lingers in the air. Texas is no stranger to drought but then, climate change rolls in making drought more frequent and severe.  What can we do to make the rains come when we need it?  What can we do to slow climate change?

So Close