Only One

Only One is a photography project about people from different walks of life from all around the world with their most precious belonging. Each person is asked- “what is your most important and influential object that isn’t a person, animal or photograph” combined with a short story of why each person chose their item and how it’s important to them.

“I sleep with this pillow under me or near me every night. My Aunt Lovie hand made several of them for me throughout the course of my life. At first she made them so that I’d have something to cuddle during my worst spells of stomach cramping; but over the years the pillows began to represent the love and closeness between us that bridged the hundreds of miles separating us. This one is my favorite as it’s the last one she made for me before she left the beautiful body I long to hold as tightly as I hold my “baby pillow”.”


“Cello is the voice I wish I had. I spend time with it every day, hoping to get at least a little bit better, spending time sitting with my dreams and the reality of my imperfection.”


“Hadiya Jaguar Moon, Shamana Medicine Woman and Alaskan Athabascan Elder, Kenaitze Tribe. Drumming with Spirit and intent cultivate and unfurl high-healing sound vibration for the Evolution of Love and Consciousness.”