Protecting the Sacred

This series of site-specific works focuses on my sadness about the effects of climate change on our beautiful planet and my desire to fix it.

Click on the image to view the story behind each piece.

Keep it Together - This drought ridden cracked earth was tied together using nails and red string willing it to stay together.

Keep it Together

Stream Flow - What do we need to do to make our creeks flow again? I placed long blue fabric in sculpted limestone rivulets in Barton Creek, Austin, TX, willing the creek waters to flow again.

Stream Flow

Cracked Flow - Blue fabric placed in a cracked and dried rivulets wills the water to flow again. Created at Playa Summer Lake, Oregon

Cracked Flow

Leyline - Will sea level rise this far due to climate change? This piece was created in Ireland where wool is part of the color palette of the landscape.


Stay Together - A giant red circle of crisscrossing red string and nails creates a giant circle netting to conceptually hold down cracked earth willing drought to end. Created at Playa Summer Lake, Oregon.

Stay Together

Stay Put - Wishing the glacier to stay put and not melt away. Created at Solheimajökull a glacial tongue of the larger Mydalsjökull glacier in Iceland with a glaciologist from the Háskóll Ísland Institute of Earth Science.

Stay Put

Wishful Flow - This dry as dust waterfall is gorgeous when it's flowing. What can we do to stop climate change so our creeks can flow again? Sculpture Falls, Austin, Texas

Wishful Flow

Come Together - I created a net with nails and red string to hold together the drought ridden cracked earth at Playa Summer Lake Oregon.

Come Together

Stapled - Maybe if I stapled the earth, it wouldn't crack, the drought would end and the rains would come.


Tacked -  It’s already starting to blow away- let’s do our part about climate change so it doesn’t.


Flooded Land - The water levels of this lake are very low due to drought caused by climate change. This land in front of this gorgeous cypress tree usually is covered in water. This piece is willing the lake levels to rise again.

Flooded Land

Taped - Cracked earth is taped together willing drought to end and climate change to be fixed. What can you do in your personal life to help our planet?